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Thursday, August 5, 2010

English Tea Party

by cuppylicious cupcakes 

One of my favorite moment is having tea with my family.
Especially when everyone is at home as they are not around most of the time.
We don't usually go out for evening tea. 
We'll have our tea just outside the house within our compound.
I'll bake some cookies, or some traditional Malay kuih .....when I have the time.
But most of the time, we just buy at our favorite kuih stall. 
More variety, easier and taste good as well.
So tell us...

What is your favorite dessert for evening tea?
Do you make your own or do you buy them?
Where do you have your evening tea at? Home? Or some place special?

Share with us everything about evening tea.

Leave your comment on this post to win special gift from cuppylicious.cupcakes.
Deadline is on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 1159pmLT (UTC+8)  

Sorry, time is up! We have randomly picked a winner

One winner will be chosen at random and will be announced latest by Thursday, Sept 2,2010.

Good Luck! 

Congratulations  jfook!

You are entitled for ONE bottle of  White Rock Cookies with any purchase from cuppylicious.cupcakes.
Thank you everyone for participating. 

More surprises coming your way.
 Stay with us!

Keep calm and have a cupcake.


bayi lemah said...

i like meggie mee..

Jas said...

Goreng Pisang is the best! hahaha

AlyN said...

my style of evening tea is to enjoy it at home surrounded with family, eating simple savoury dishes. the favourite dessert that i like the most to enjoy during evening tea is to have scones and slice of chocolate cake served with hot jasmine tea..yummy!!..i would enjoy it better when i made it on my own and to take the pleasure in eating it with family or friends. it would be much more memorable having it at home or at picnic. and the good part is u get to see ur friends or family members enjoying ur home made dessert with smile on their faces..can't replace that..

jfook said...

I love sinful desserts for my afternoon tea.

Nick said...

for me anythin doesnt really matter but wht i wish for is the whole family spend time tgthr ;)

calvinn said...

i love any dessert that is sweet and tasty! haha!

cuppylicious said...

Congratulations jfook!
Do email us your email address for verification. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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